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Week 9, March 1, 2020:  Week nine began with partly sunny skies and a temperature of 19 degrees.  That changed to a light breeze, with light snow showers and a temperature of 27 degrees later in the morning.  We had a good turn out for the last week before the shoot-off, but posted only one 25 by Bill Moss and no 24s.


Week 8, February 23, 2020:  Week 8 began with a slight overcast sky, minimal breeze and a temperature of 34 degrees.  As the morning progressed we had bright sun, increasing breeze and a warm up to the low 40s.  Urb Womer shot twice, scoring a 24 and then a 25.  Additionally, junior shooter Ryan Radcliffe posted a 24!  Congratulations Ryan!  Steve Schreiber shot the second 25.     




Week 7, February 16, 2020:  Week seven was mostly clear and cold, with a good turnout.  Bill Main posted the lone 25 for the week.  That was followed up with four 24s on the board for Rich Bobbett, Jake Nesbitt, Phil Ricklefs and Dave Simmons.  We have three weeks remaining in the winter league, with the shoot-off on March 8th.     


Week 10, March 8, 2020:  2020 Winter League Shoot-off Results: 

Ties go to the longest straight run over 50 shots.

AA Class
:  Bill Main was the only shooter in double A class and hence got first place                         with a score of 47.

Overall High Gun:  Bill Clancy, shooting in A Class and firing a 48.

A Class:  1st Bill Moss – 47, 2nd Phil Ricklefs – 47, 3rd Jake Nesbitt – 46.

B Class:  1st Rob Radcliffe – 45, 2nd Matt Nesbitt – 44, 3rd Jim Hettinger – 43

C Class:  1st Matt McPeck – 42, Dave Peckham – 42, 3rd Steve Schreiber – 39.

D Class:  1st Tom Main – 45, Dan Goosen – 39, 3rd Eric Radcliffe - 35


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