Skaneateles Winter Trap Results

March 28th, 2021
It was a very difficult weather day with rain and high winds, but we had good turnout with the following results:

High Gun - Phil Ricklefs

A Class: Mike Clancy first, Rich Bobbett 2nd, Bill Main 3rd.

B Class: Rob Radcliff 1st, Mike McPeck 2nd, Dave Peckham 3rd.

C Class: Jim Hettinger 1st, Dave Fisher 2nd, Greg Tierney 3rd.

D Class: Matt McPeck 1st, Chris Bacon 2nd, Mark Schreiber 3rd.

Youth Class: Ryan Radcliff 1st,

Calvin Richards 2nd, Mike Alexander 3rd.

Penalty Class: Dan Gosson 1st,

Josh Schreiber 2nd, Ron Richards 3rd.

2021 CNY Trap League is BACK!!!

The CNY Trap League Officers and Captains met on

MARCH 1, 2021. It was discussed and decided that the 2021 CNY Trap League season would begin with all Team/Clubs shooting at home ONLY, as we did last year.

All members of the CNY Trap League are expected

to follow the rules and guidelines of each club for COVID19. During the season, the Officers and Captains will

continue to review the current conditions for

potentially traveling to other clubs for the

second half (last 10 weeks) of the 2021 season.

First shoot is April 20th.


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