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Gun Safety Academy at Skaneateles Rod & Gun Club

Personal Handgun, Home Defense and Concealed Carry Course

 This course focuses on training which will help the student learn the proper application of the use of force, the legal ramifications in a self-defense situation and develop proficiency and confidence with the student’s firearm of choice.  The course cannot guarantee that authorities will issue an unrestricted concealed carry permit but may be a positive in the determination by authorities.  All courses include textbook. 

USCCA Certified Instructor Course 

Become a USCCA Instructor to teach Concealed Carry personal defense classes.  USCCA Certified Instructor Course.  This nationally recognized USCCA Certification is for experienced shooters or current instructors who desire USCCA Certification.  This course will also certify for membership in International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors.  Requires preparation homework completed online prior to class.  Once you register, we will send you the USCCA eLearning information.  Fees for e-learning and  required toolkit are paid directly to USCCA . (e-Learning & Toolkit $250 subject to change) Once required prerequisites  are completed, candidate must then register for training class for certification by a Certified USCCA Training Counselor. Candidates who qualify upon completion of this course will be certified upon completion.  Remedial training is available but not included in class fee for candidates who fail to qualify.