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Gun Safety & Training courses for 2023 


Personal Handgun, Home Defense and Concealed Carry Course

Men & Women's USCCA
​Concealed Carry and Home Defense Class

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@ BassPro Auburn

Both full days mandatory, plus​ newly required live fire range sessions with instructor

to be scheduled and held at:

Skaneateles Rod & Gun Club

1168 Jewett Rd., Skaneateles, NY

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We had hoped to hear something from the courts regarding the new gun law and while there have been some developments from other challenges of the law, none of those rulings yet have affected the increased educational requirements for concealed carry applicants. In addition to the challenges brought by NYSRPA and Gun Owners Assoc of America which challenges the whole law, some other challenges have been brought targeting specific areas of the law.  Let me summarize quickly the time line. 

In October A federal judge ordered a restraining order on the law while arguments are being heard.  Gov. Hochel pressed the AG to file an appeal to have the law continue in effect while arguments were being heard.  A NYC federal judge effectively lifted the restraining order of another judge.

In December a federal judges lifted the restriction on carrying a gun in houses of worship in response to a lawsuit brought by urban Buffalo Churches who face a threat of violent attacks.   Also a judge lifted the ban on carrying in “sensitive and restricted Places” due to the ambiguity of exactly what they are.  Law enforcement was also not certain when and where you could not carry under the law. 

The law’s educational aspect is, as of this email, not been affected by any of these rulings.  In fact it was also discovered that the law required judges to recognize and certify instructors.   In December, the sheriff reached out to inform instructors that he had to arrange with judges to issue letters of certification and recognition of instructors and that the letter would be coming from the court.

While arguments are still being submitted to the court, we are forced to comply with the 16 hour and live fire session requirement.  While we are hopeful that a judge will rule the law unconstitutional as a number of judges have already indicated they believe it is, we will plan to go forward with the classes but will remain flexible to adjust for the news of a ruling which will eliminate the extra educational requirement.  

With that said, we will schedule our next regular class with the original requirement being taught on Saturday and the additional requirement being taught on Sunday. We will then work to schedule each student into a range session to complete your requirements.  

USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense
For Information or to register call 1-800-506-6994 or email at